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Doing sales over the phone?
Make it more effective with instant remote slideshows

Provide your client a short link and start a remote presentation in seconds

What's in it for me?

See what you get in the Prezcall package and what features you can use
Present in seconds
To get your client to watch your presentation, just provide him a simple link and see him joining your session instantly. It's a fraction of time usually spent on connecting via Skype or Zoom.
Draw on slides
Use the pencil tool to draw your client's attention to important parts. Make sure you both focus on the same thing.
Use it on your website
Embed Prezcall widget and do live presentations directly from your website. In this way, you also get to use your own domain as en entry link for your client.
Chat with file-sharing
Send text messages and share files!

Try Prezcall - 14 days for free! No payment needed. Cancel anytime.

And see how Prezcall boost your sales.
What you may want to ask us
Why not just Zoom / Skype?
  • not all browsers support screen-sharing without plugins - e.g. Internet Explorer doesn't
  • screen-sharing is heavier in terms of data transfer which might lead to lags, video buffering and an overall worse experience for your client, especially if he's on a mobile phone.
  • screen-sharing is of lower quality than PDF sharing
  • screensharing carries the risk of showing something that we do not want, e.g. browser tabs, instant messaging notifications
Can I use my domain for prospect entrance?
Of course!
You can read more about embedding Prezcall widget on your website here.

What our users say?
Peter Sienkiewicz
Head of Sales at Smartlunch --- Food delivery, food tech
Prezcall helped us in a difficult moment for everyone - a pandemic and quarantine, when all meetings were canceled. Lots of our clients are unfamiliar with new technologies and this is the perfect solution to quickly show presentations.
Thanks to this, our customers have a full vision of the product and we can continue to sell! We also have an integration with our CRM. We will definitely continue using Prezcall because it opens us to totally new possibilities!
David Łukasiewicz
CEO at BedBooking --- hospitality business
At Bedbooking we have a huge number of recipients, of various ages and technological access. We use Prezcall to quickly convey our concept, it is much easier to explain it on slides than just during a conversation, which significantly affects sales.
Pawel Jaworski
Co-founder and Business Development Manager at --- e-commerce
Sellintegro consists of dozens of solutions for the e-commerce industry. Describing them by phone is impossible! And many of our clients have lots of meetings and little time, so it's easiest to catch them on the phone. By using Prezcall we can quickly ask to enter presentations and show our offer.
Matthew Materna
Founder of Zeccer --- vending machines
Zeccer sells its vending machines to various places - offices, shopping malls, shops, universities. With such a diverse group, arranging your sales plan is not easy, and Prezcall goes to all these groups thanks to virtually zero entry difficulty.
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Prezcall blog

Strengthen both presentation and branding. Embedding PrezCall widget within your website.

Usually it works like this: the prospect is asked to go to to see your slideshow.

However, in case you want to use your domain and show the presentation via your own website, or decorate slideshow with custom branding, you can embed Prezcall widget within your website.

It is as simple as embedding the following piece of code:


The Prezcall widget is responsive and will adapt to your prospect’s screen width. You may need to add additional CSS styles to the iframe in order to fully integrate with your website’s design.

Here’s the live demo.

In this way, you can show the content directly on your website. 
During a phone call, you can just tell the client to go to your site, and he’ll see your presentation in seconds.

If it sounds interesting and useful, go to our website and sign up for a free trial:
Happy calling!